Imagining futures

This site is a conversation starter about the future possibilities of Townsville.

In response to a public competition initiated by Townsville Enterprise Limited, Sister City Partners Limited has imagined one such possibility. We have developed these through a series of vignettes, which can be found on these pages.

We welcome members of the community to get involved in this conversation. To do so, add your comments to each of the vignettes.

Why 2070?

That is 56 years form now. It is a simple matter of arithmetic. Talk of future populations being in the millions can’t emerge from thin air. If it is the case that today, the broader Townsville population is approaching 200,000 persons, then at an annual rate of 3% growth (compounded, of course), it will take 50+ years to surpass the one million mark. Such a rate of growth would be, in and of itself, remarkable and in recent times unprecedented.

Townsville: 2070. In all likelihood, it will be a world that is vastly different to that with which we find so much familiarity today. The rhythms of life, its cadences and punctuation will be quite different to those that we take as natural. The shape of the urban world, by then, will take heed of these new rhythms and networks and flows.

Townsville: 2070 is a series of imaginative vignettes, that together tell a story about future possibilities. These possibilities may or may not become realities. But they are not beyond the realms of reasonable probability.


3 thoughts on “Imagining futures”

  1. Townsville will thank Abbott govt for the vibrant economy he’s created from exporting coal. What reef? That’s not important, the economy is far important than anything else.


    1. Fifty-six years into the future, Abbott will be remembered as an aberration in stupidity if he is remembered at all. The mining and exporting of coal will have stopped simply because markets will have evaporated, and the reef will have morphed into a different and lesser wonder due changes to climate. Abject greed will still be a powerful motivator and latter-day Abbotts will still do the bidding of the rich.


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