The vignettes are available for download as a low-resolution PDF file. Feel free to share and re-use. Just remember our mutual obligations under the Creative Commons regime. We will progressively provide links to additional resources at this page. Links to some useful resources can be found on each of the vignettes.

The Vignettes

The Townsville2070 Introductory Panel can be downloaded here: Townsville 2070 Intro Panel

The 12 Townsville2070 vignettes (low res) can be downloaded here: Townsville 2070_web

 Energy Futures

The future shape of energy is changing rapidly. The confluence of financial, environmental, technical and social factors has opened up a host of distinct possibilities. At the heart of these new possibilities are the risks that carbon assets are going to be stranded.

A good place to start on this is at Carbon Trackers. Another useful resource, which arguably pioneered the idea of “stranded assets” is the Stranded Assets Programme at Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment (Oxford).

Work and Leisure of the Future

The debate about whether or not new technology empowers or enslaves us is hotting up again. Will humans be made redundant by the technologies we’ve created? How does new technology change the way we work, the way we make use of our time …?

Get thinking at New Work Culture, which is a movement pioneered by former philosophy teacher Frithjof Bergmann who thought that there must be a better balance between work and leisure.

A recent piece in the Economist nicely encapsulates the transformations being wrought on labour markets – rich and poor – by digital technologies.


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