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Leisure, idleness and automation

First things first: since we launched T2070 we’ve received some 2,800+ views. This is quite astonishing, so thanks for all those who’ve taken an interest. We’ve also received some on-board comments (and some that have been “off to the side”). Thanks for these too.

In the first round of imaginations a lot of focus revolved around how a future community may work. We looked at flexibility in time and place, in particular. Perhaps it’s time to turn our attention to some other dimensions of the “work question” – namely its flip side in the form of idleness and leisure time.

A colleague recently sent a link to a video: Humans need not applyThe video is a sober, not particularly sanguine, look at the ramifications of robotics  and automation on employment futures. It also begs the question: can we imagine a world in which humans can be meaningfully idle and where leisure plays a more prominent role in our personal and collective existence?

Speaking of idleness, check out the ABC’s Utopia comedy, which is another indictment on activity masquerading as performance.