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How we pay for things

The Townsville Stadium won’t come cheap. And its operations and maintenance will still need to be paid for. So how?

Warwick Powell recently posted on LinkedIn and suggests a Benefited Area Rate should be applied to properties within a reasonable catchment of the proposed super stadium and publicly-funded boardwalks in Townsville’s CBD to pay for initial capital risk and ongoing operational outlays. He argued:

Let’s not beat around the bush: a massive injection of public monies will result in the privatisation of substantial capital gains and development profits of over 30% for property owners and developers who are, or have been, moving in on the CBD and areas adjacent to the proposed boardwalks and super-stadium.

Search for him at LinkedIn and check out the post “Fair’s fair”.

A community taking charge?

Yesterday, a major initiative was launched on the shores of Townsville with a community backed bid to acquire the long term lease for the Port of Townsville. The CommPort project could have major ramifications for the future structure of regional value chains, and capacity to capture value from export opportunities through the Free Trade Agreement with China. If it comes to fruition, what can a regional economy do by harnessing the pivotal role of a port to transform and make resilient future economic value chains? It’s no small undertaking, but has the potential to be transformative. Curious? Click here for more.