The Vignettes

Townsville: 2070 has been produced through a collaborative process involving urbanists, financiers, scientists, innovators, educators, managers, technologists and, broadly speaking, people from diverse walks of life who have a passion for the future wellbeing of our communities.

Together the vignettes tell a story about future possibilities. These possibilities may or may not become realities. But they are not beyond the realms of reasonable probability.

There are 12 vignettes in total. Click on the headings below to go to the vignettes. To provoke further discussion, we’ve proposed some questions that may be worth considering. Feel free to submit other topics and questions.

  1. Energy
  2. Siesta Century
  3. Emergent Commons
  4. Internet of Things
  5. Transformed Supply Chains
  6. We make things, again
  7. Food, glorious food
  8. Getting about made easy
  9. Going up, rejuvenating the ground
  10. Mobility for workers
  11. Asian entrepôt
  12. Too late for the reef, but …

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Imagining Future Possibilities

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