1. Energy

By 2070, Townsville will have long severed its links and dependence on the national electricity grid. Nearby fossil fuel assets became stranded, as shareholder value collapsed in the face of a sustained downturn in global coal prices.

“It is fair to say that the long-run future of coal is now ‘in play’ in commodity and equity research markets” – HSBC

Some questions to think about:

  1. When and how does North Queensland sever the link with the National Electricity Market? Should the link be severed?
  2. What are the implications for local electricity generation and consumption if NQ goes it alone?
  3. What are the barriers to a large-scale transition to an off-grid system?
  4. What are the implications for the existing electricity distribution network? How does it impact its value, today and into the future?
  5. Can collaborative consumption models open up pathways for a funded transition?
  6. What does this mean for energy intensive industries? How does industry respond to such possibilities?

One thought on “1. Energy”

  1. These comments were made privately by an industry “insider” who wished to remain anonymous for now: “Townsville’s growth will be dramatic as such we have to ease our dependance on base load power demands. ( fossil fuels ) We also need to shed load at peak times was Solar PV can not assist at these times. The answer to this is energy storage devices ( Battery, salt and water to name a few). … Incentives to ease power, load and demand should be driven by Power producers, utilities and GOV as all stakeholders benefit. I believe that CHP and Fuel cells ( Combined Heating and Power ) generators should be looked at closely. Why are we not heating water, and heating air for heating and or cooling at the same time that we can generate power, to compliment PV solar and Solar Thermal units as well as charging our energy Storage device, or feeding surplus power back into the grid ‘on demand’ ?. Enabling a (VIRTUAL BACK UP GRID, that stops being virtual the second the grid goes down. = Energy Security).
    These products are selling in the USA and Canada. Yet hurdles from, municipalities, Gas and power companies make these products hard to market in AUS. Yet this is the way of the future.”


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