4. Internet of Things

A ubiquitous Wifi communications network has been deployed across the city. No matter where you are, accessing high-speed broadband is possible. This network forms the backdrop to the emerging Internet of Things, supporting a diverse range of automations and improved interactivity between people and machines.

Some questions to think about:

  1. How does an Internet of Things translate into new transport solutions? Can it transform the way we produce, buy/sell and distribute life’s basic essentials like food?
  2. The accumulation of large volumes of data – on our movements, habits, purchases, preferences, activities and even desires – raises critical questions about data custodianship and ownership. In whose hands should big data be held? What if I don’t want my data captured at all?
  3. Can we envisage legal arrangements that divests ownership of data into the hands of the multitude? What would these arrangements and supporting institutions look like?
  4. Is there public value in big data, and how would this be captured?

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